How to Take Off a Snugtop Tonneau

by Russell Wood
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There are many brands of tonneau covers for pickup trucks, but only one, SnugTop, has a unique method to install and remove its covers. If you ever need to carry a tall load but your tonneau cover will be in the way, it can be easily removed with just a few steps, without having to completely disassemble the vehicle. Plus, it can be easily reinstalled after your job is done.

Step 1

Position yourself toward the end of the tonneau cover, near the cab. There are two tabs at the end in the seam by the cab with keychain-style rings going through them. These are the disconnects that allow you to remove the tonneau easily.

Step 2

Place a flathead screwdriver in the keychain-style ring and twist it through the hole, twisting the keychain-style rings out of the tonneau cover latches. Do this for both latches.

Step 3

Open the tonneau cover and have an assistant hold it vertically in place. Use the flathead screwdriver to pry off the clips on the ends of the shocks, the ones on the bed. Pry them off and then pull the shocks off the bed rail mounts. This is going to release the tonneau cover from the bed, so make sure your assistant has a firm hold on the tonneau, otherwise it could slam on your hands.

Step 4

Position yourself and the assistant on the sides of the tonneau. Tilt it at a 45-degree angle and lift out the rear tonneau cover hinges away from the frame. Then move the tonneau cover away from the vehicle and store it until you need to reinstall it.

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