How to Take Off a KIA Door Panel

by Mike Vasick

Both the front and rear door panels in your 2013 Kia Rio are removed using the same procedure. Only a few tools are needed to do this job. You can do this at home.

Step 1

Put the window down and remove the inside cover over the mirror using the plastic trim tool. Remove the screw covers on the door pull handle cup and the interior door handle with the small flat-head screwdriver. Remove the two screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2

Slide the trim tool under the lower edge of the door panel. Pry outward until you hear and feel the clips release. Work your way around the panel until you've released all the clips, then lift out and up to remove the panel. Once the panel is off the door, use the small flat-head screwdriver to disconnect the power window switch. Leave the switch in the door panel. There is a clear door liner glued to the door. Remove it only if you need to, by gently pulling the edges free. Be careful not to tear it.

Step 3

To install the trim panel, first plug in the window switch harness connector until you hear it click. Hook the door panel over the top edge of the door, and tap around the edges with the heel of your hand until all the clips are seated in the door. Install the Phillips screws and the screw covers. Snap the mirror cover back into place.

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