Odyssey Wireless Headphone Problems

by William Pullman

The Honda Odyssey comes with wireless headphones so that rear-seat passengers can listen to the rear entertainment system separately from the normal radio. You may experience some problems with the wireless headphones, including poor reception, no power and short battery life.


The Odyssey wireless headphones were designed for optimal sound quality and reception when worn correctly. Poor reception occurs when you wear the headphones backward. Check the marks on each side of the headphones for the "L" and "R," and place the headphones over the correct ear to ensure good reception and sound quality.


One AAA battery is needed to power the Odyssey headphones. To replace the battery when the headphones stop working, slide a coin into the slot on the left earpiece and lift up to open the battery cover. Slide the cover open to access the battery compartment, remove the old battery and insert the new AAA battery.


Odyssey headphones don't have an external power switch but are turned on and off by pivoting the headphone earpieces. The earpieces close automatically when you are not using them to save battery life. When storing the headphones, make sure the earpieces are not held open by another object in the storage area.

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