Nissan Maxima Transmission Problems

by David McGuffin

It is important to research a vehicle prior to purchasing it. Although the Nissan Maxima is known to be a reliable vehicle, some model years have proven better than others for the Maxima's engine components and transmission.


If a particular year has a recall on the transmission, then you may want to reconsider purchasing the vehicle. As of the end of 2010, there have not been any recalls for Maxima transmissions; however, it is still important to check due to the continued issuance of recalls for various problems found with cars. Call a dealership to get the most updated information on Maxima recalls. You can also research reviews and lemon law claims for other users' experiences with particular years and models of Maximas.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Possible signs of Nissan Maxima transmission problems include problems shifting from second gear to third gear after a cold start. If the Maxima does not engage with its first gear from a cold start until idling for two to three minutes, then it may also indicate a failing transmission. Other indications include certain gears not working at all or gears slipping.

Fluid Levels

If your Nissan Maxima is experiencing transmission problems, check the fluid level prior to planning any major repairs. It is advisable to take your Maxima to a certified mechanic for transmission problems rather than trying to replace or fix a broken transmission at home.

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