How Much Gas Is Left When the Warning Comes on in a Pontiac G6?

by Erick Kristian
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The Pontiac G6 is a smaller, sporty car offered by the GM (General Motors) brand. The gas warning light on this, and every car, will appear to let users know when they are running low on fuel. The amount of gas left depends on the car manufacturer and model. For example, cars with larger fuel tanks, like trucks, will have more of a reserve since they consume more fuel. According to Pontiac, the G6 has a "16-gallon main unleaded fuel tank." The 4-cylinder G6 has a smaller fuel tank, and as such will also have a smaller reserve.

Step 1

Determine how much gas is in the car. Fill up the car's tank so that it is as full as possible.

Step 2

Drive the car until the gas warning light goes on. Immediately refill up the car as full as possible and note the amount of gas that was put in. For example, the warning light may go on and then the driver may fill 14 gallons.

Step 3

Subtract the number of gallons added in step 2 from 16. 16 gallons is the max capacity for the tank.

The number that remains is the amount of fuel remaining in the tank after the light goes on. According to, that number should be around "2 gallons."

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