How to Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Increase Octane

by MayankJ
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Isopropyl alcohol, otherwise known as rubbing alcohol, is used in vehicles to increase octane or "boost" octane. It is a home method meant to save the vehicle owner money while increasing the vehicle efficiency. Like many home methods, it is considered effective in boosting vehicle octane. Too much rubbing alcohol can have a negative effect, so anyone that uses isopropyl alcohol to increase octane should take care to use it in the same manner as any other booster and add only about 10 percent to the octane.

Step 1

Fill up the tank with 92 Octane Premium (SUNOCO brand). According to, rubbing alcohol is used with 92 Octane Premium. Any other octane is not suggested for rubbing alcohol use. Pay attention to the amount mixed in.

Step 2

Add isopropyl alcohol as an octane booster. Add about 10 percent of the amount of octane. Avoid exceeding 10 percent to prevent damage to the vehicle. GNT Type makes it clear that 20 percent and 30 percent isopropyl alcohol is not recommended.

Step 3

Drive the vehicle as usual. The octane should increase from 92 to about 94.5 or so.

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