How to Fill Out the Back of an Alabama Car Title

by Amanda Maddox

Transferring ownership of a car in Alabama requires you to complete the back of the Alabama auto ownership title. The Alabama Department of Revenue states that every 1975 model vehicle or newer must have a certificate of title and be registered. You can transfer a title by taking the title and the bill of sale to the County License Plate Issuing Offices and paying the required fee.

Step 1

Use an ink pen that has black or blue when filling out the back of an Alabama car title. Read the back of the title for special instructions, and become familiar with the requirements for an Alabama title.

Step 2

Enter the date of the actual transfer under the "Assignment of Title by Registered Owner." Use month/day/year format. The day you'll write is the day that the auto ownership changed hands--the day you paid for the car and took possession of it and the title.

Step 3

Complete the Buyer(s) name. This should be the full, legal name of the buyer. It may be either a business or individual.

Step 4

Add the buyer's address on the following line. Write the full address since this is where the state of Alabama will send the title after it transfers ownership record.

Step 5

Enter the exact mileage, leaving off tenths of a mile. Check Box 1 or 2 only if the mileage is in excess of the mechanical limits or if the odometer reading does not reflect the automobile's actual mileage.

Step 6

Put the Buyer's signature on the following line. Add the printed name of the buyer under the signature.

Step 7

Place the Seller's signature on the line beside the buyer's signature line. Under the signature line, print the seller's name. It must be exactly like it is typed on the front of the title.

Step 8

Enter the name of the lien holder if there is one. Otherwise, write "NONE" where the lien holder's name is listed. For a lien holder, enter the full address on the following line.

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