How to Check a Gas Tank

by Laura Leiva
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When your car has a gas gauge that stops working, worrying about gas levels can make for stressful driving. While it would be useful to get the gauge replaced or fixed, you may not have the extra money to put into the car at the moment. There are a few ways you can keep track of gas until you have enough money to replace the gauge. Keeping track of your gas levels will ensure you don't get stranded somewhere on the road.

Step 1

Check your car manual to find out how much your gas tank holds. Smaller cars typically hold 12 to 15 gallons, while larger cars hold 18 to 20. If you don't have your manual, you can check a blue book to get model specifications. Depending on your gas mileage, cars usually get between 350 to 400 miles on each tank of gas.

Step 2

Watch the odometer to see how many miles you travel with your tank of gas. When you get close to 300 miles traveled, fill up with gas to avoid running out while traveling.

Step 3

Check the gas levels with a liquid dipstick. Insert the dipstick into the gas tank and then remove. The stick will indicate how much fuel is in the tank before you need to fill it up.

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