How to Restart a Car That Has Run Out of Gas

by Louise Balle

If you're the type to let your car perennially run on or near empty, you will likely run completely out of gas at some point. In many cases, the long walk to the gas station is the hardest part of this embarrassing situation, but sometimes you could also have a difficult time restarting the car even after you put more gas in the tank.

Step 1

Replenish the tank with a minimum of two gallons of gas to get you to the next gas station. Place the gas cap back on before you attempt to restart the car.

Step 2

Pump the gas pedal a few times to help get the new gas moving through the system.

Step 3

Turn the key to the "on" position to prime the fuel injectors if your vehicle has a fuel injection system (skip this step if it does not). Wait a few minutes.

Step 4

Turn the key all the way to restart the car. You may have to hold the key in place for a few seconds before the car turns over.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes and then repeat the process if the car does not restart after the first attempt. If after five attempts the car does not restart, allow the car to sit for at least an hour before trying again.

Step 6

Tow the car to a trusted repair shop if after an hour it still does not restart. You may have other issues due to the car running out of gas, such as dirt or debris clogging your gas lines or the fuel filter.

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