How Much Does it Cost to Repair an Automatic Window?

by Kyle Fiechter
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An automatic vehicle window failure usually results from a damaged or broken window regulator or window motor. The motor powers the regulator, which raises and lowers automatic and manual windows.

Window Regulator

The window regulator comes in various designs, so the cost depends on the type your car uses. Window regulators for foreign luxury cars are generally more expensive than common domestic cars. The price ranges from $90 (e.g., 2005 Ford Taurus) to $378 (e.g., 2011 Mercedes Benz CLS550), according to RepairPal in November 2010.

Window Motor

The cost of a window motor can range from $96 dollars in a more common vehicle, to $264 on a more expensive, rare vehicle.


Generally, it is more expensive to repair a foreign luxury car than it is to repair a common domestic car. Trucks can be even less expensive, as it costs as low as $30 or $40 dollars to replace a regulator in some makes and models. Car regulator labor costs can range from $115 to $145 dollars in common cars and range from $314 to $400 in luxury cars. Window motor replacement labor costs range from $82 to $105 in common cars and from $315 to $400 dollars in luxury cars.

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