How Much Would It Cost to Put a Sunroof in My Car?

by Tammy Wood

When looking to add a sunroof in your car, finding out the costs associated with this modification is usually the first question. The cost of adding an after market sunroof to your vehicle, of course, varies from type of sunroof and type of car.

At the Dealership

The installation of your sunroof can be done at the dealership on site when you buy a new car. The cost of installed an OEM sunroof in your car at the dealership can be negotiated at the time of the installation. Dealerships have the opportunity to discuss an at-cost installation and include it in the purchase price of the vehicle. The average cost of sunroof at the dealership is around $1000, depending on the style of sunroof you are going to have installed.

Electronic Versus Manual

When looking to find the cost of installing a sunroof, one main factor is the style of sunroof you choose. When opting for an electronic sunroof, the costs are going to be higher due to the complexity of the installation.

Electronic sunroof installation begins at $1000 and can range up to $2000. It is recommended you have this job done at the dealership to take advantage of the warranty that comes with this type of installation of a sunroof.

A manual sunroof is less complicated to install and the least expensive to purchase, these manual sunroofs costs are lower than their electronic counterparts, yet they are still several hundred dollars to purchase.

DIY Installation

While it isn't recommended to install your sunroof by yourself, it can be done and is a good choice to cut costs than having the dealership install one. The cost of installing a sunroof yourself is significantly lower, and with that savings comes difficulty.

Several online resources sell after-market sunroofs, and the prices range from $300 and up to the thousands, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and your choice of sunroof.

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