Onstar to Bluetooth Conversion

by Amy Rodriguez
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With technology advancing every day, more electronic devices are being installed in vehicles than ever before. One such system is the Onstar module, but some car owners do not utilize this device. Luckily, they can be converted to Bluetooth.


Onstar is a navigation and communications module that requires a monthly or yearly subscription. In contrast, Bluetooth is a wireless communication process that is embedded in many computers and cell phones, requiring no subscription to use the feature.


With the purchase of a Bluetooth conversion kit, changing the Onstar module is relatively simple. Depending on the car model, find the hidden Onstar module that controls the keypad that is above the rear-view mirror. It is usually in the trunk or glove box. Replace it with the new conversion box as the directions dictate.


Each car model is wired differently for Onstar, so consult the conversion module's directions for individual wiring. Some vehicles need to have the Onstar module and the Bluetooth plugged in together to function correctly.

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