How to Get More MPG Out of Ford 460 Engines

by Colette McCormick
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The 460 engine from Ford is used in trucks and large cars like Lincolns. These engines are not fuel effecient, and some vehicles they are used in get less than 10 miles per gallon. As the price of gasoline climbs, you can find ways to get better fuel economy quite easily through vehicle maintenance and adopting better driving habits.

Step 1

Service the engine at least once a year but check the engine once a month for components that are showing signs of degradation. Use the owner's manual to locate the various parts of the engine and examine them thoroughly. A clean air filter is bright white so if yours is dull and dirty it needs to be replaced. If the spark plugs are corroded or the drive belts give more than 1/2 inch when pressed gently, they also need to be replaced.

Step 2

Check the tires once a month to make sure that they are inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Wrongly inflated tires will result in reduced miles per gallon.

Step 3

Anticipate what is going to happen on the road you are driving on. Slow down as you approach a line of traffic because applying the brakes sharply will use more fuel. If possible, speed up on the approach to a hill so that the engine does not struggle on the incline.

Step 4

Plan your journey so that you drive on the highway as much as possible. Time your journey to avoid the stop-start driving that happens at rush hour.

Step 5

Turn the engine off if you are not in traffic and you are going to be still for more than 30 seconds. Allowing the engine to idle unnecessarily wastes gas.

Step 6

Remove excess weight from the vehicle. Carrying around an extra 100lbs of weight will decrease your gas mileage by 2 percent.

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