How to Mount Tires on Rims With a Red Dot

by Katebo

It can be quite confusing trying to figure out how to mount your tires. Some tires are directional and need to be mounted based on the position they will be on the car. Other tires are mounted with a specific "outside" or "inside." To make it all even more confusing, there are also often colored dots on the tire that correspond to specific mounting instructions. A red dot sidewall is one such tire.

Place your rim on the tire machine and clamp down by depressing the pedal that controls the clamps of the machine. Make sure the valve stem is facing up.

Locate a small dimple in your rim. It will be located on the face of the wheel along the bead area. This dimple is the low point of the rim in weight. The red dot is the heavy part of the tire. The goal of your installation is to line op the red dot of the tire with the low point dimple.

Lay the tire on the rim with the red dot next to the low point dimple of the rim and swing over the tire machine installation arm. Tighten the arm in place with the tighting knob. Depress the top plate pedal to turn the rim while pressing down on the tire. Repeat for the top bead.

Readjust the tire so that the red dot is lined up with the low point dimple. Inflate the tire with the inflation hose gauge on the tire machine by attaching the inflation end to the valve stem and pressing the pedal to inflate the tire.

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