Which Is the Best Month to Buy a Minivan?

by Tim Plaehn
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To maximize your chances of a great deal on a new minivan, or almost any model of new car, you want to combine incentives from both the manufacturer and the dealer. There are certain months of the year that will let you obtain the best discounts from both sides.

New Model Year Means Big Savings

Vehicle manufacturers put the biggest rebates and incentives of the year on the current model when the new model comes out and starts to arrive at dealerships. Typically, the new model year minivans will arrive in late summer or fall. To get the big rebates, you want to shop for the previous model in August or September.

Best Times to Get the Dealer to Deal

There are times when the sales management staff of a dealership are more willing to lower the price of a new car just to put another mark on the sales tally. In a dealership, the salespeople, sales management and even dealer-owners are often compensated by the number sold during the month. On the last day of the month, a dealer is usually very willing to accept a lower price just to add another car or minivan to the monthly total. If you wait until the end of the business day, the sales staff will quickly get to their best price so the sale can be completed and everyone can go home.

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