How to Media Blast a Car

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Media blasting is a quick, efficient way to strip automotive finishes. The treatment involves the use of compressed air to project granules, usually sand, at a hard surface. A blaster is capable of stripping a vehicle's finish down to bare metal, which is the ideal foundation for new primer and paint. The media will remove clear coat, paint and even rust almost instantly. Use the proper safety measures and follow the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the best results with media blasting.


Secure masking paper over the front and rear windshields of the car using painter's tape. Do the same for any part of the vehicle that you do not want to damage with stray sand.


Remove the detachable body panels of the car for optimal preparation. Otherwise, proceed with the body completely assembled if you don't have know the correct procedure for the make and model of your vehicle.


Shut off the valves on the air compressor if they are not already. Lift the lid on the tank of the media blaster and fill it with silica sand, the standard granule for media blasting projects.


Power on the air compressor according to its instruction label or user manuel. The blaster will be ready for use once the air pressure has risen to at least 40 PSI.


Keep a distance of about 8 inches between the car and yourself. Adjust the intensity to a low setting and point the tip of the blasting wand at the target panel.


Squeeze the trigger and spray each section top to bottom. Us gradual sweeping motions for best coverage, increasing the intensity if necessary to treat difficult areas.

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