What Are the Measurements of a Truck Bed?

by Michael Alpert
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Whether buying a new pickup truck, looking for a bed canopy or simply finding out how much a truck can carry, it's important to know that truck beds come in all sizes.

Truck Size

Truck manufacturers offer a variety of truck size options. From compact to full-size, the size of the truck bed is dependent on the size of the truck itself. Many trucks, regardless of size, are also offered in a short-bed or long-bed configurations.

Short Beds

Kanopy Kingdom, a truck canopy sales company, has compiled a useful bed measurement chart for customers for a wide spectrum of truck sizes. Short bed trucks, for instance, have humbler dimensions, around 76 to 82 inches in length and about 60 to 72 inches in width.

Long Beds

Get more cubic feet out of your hauling space by opting for a long-bed truck. While the width often remains similar to that of short beds, a long bed's length can extend to more than 100 inches on some full-size trucks.

Other Considerations

In addition to truck and bed size, some models can be purchased with special options, such as step side beds. Such options may reduce the width of the standard truck bed.

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