How to Make a VHF Marine Antenna

by Michael Wallace

A VHF marine antenna gets its name because it is used to broadcast transmissions from water. Therefore this type of antenna is commonly used in boats. If you have a little free time on your hands and are interested in a project, you can actually make your own antenna rather than buy one.

Step 1

Use the wire stripper portion of your wire cutters to strip an inch off the end of the coaxial cable and expose the internal wiring.

Step 2

Run the wire through the front of the UHF connector so that the wiring from the cable sticks out of the end of the connector.

Step 3

Use your soldering iron to solder the coaxial wiring to the end of the UHF connector.

Step 4

Strip 39 inches off the remaining end of the cable sheath and plug the UHF connector into the port on the back of your receiver.

Run the remaining exposed length of cable through a piece of 29-inch PVC pipe and tape the end of the wire to the PVC pipe. This will be the antenna.

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