How to Connect a Portable Generator to an RV

by Alexander Poirier
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RVs provide campers and road trippers with a place to call home while they are away from home. Most RVs come equipped with a generator to give the RV electricity for lights and electronic devices. Some RVs, however, do not. Luckily, portable generators can be hooked up to an RV just like a standard generator to power the RV.

Step 1

Drive the grounding rod into the ground at the location you wish to place the generator.

Step 2

Connect the copper wire from the grounding rod to the portable generator.

Step 3

Route the portable generator's exhaust away from the RV.

Step 4

Plug the RV's generator connector cable into the portable generator.

Step 5

Turn the portable generator on to send power to the RV.

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