How to Temporarily Make a Car Not Start

by AzeemA

All cars are started by using a source of ignition. To temporarily disable or prevent a car from starting up, the source of ignition must be eliminated. Without the source of ignition, the car will not start. The source of ignition in cars is usually a 12-volt battery. The battery can be unhooked to prevent the car from starting up.

Open the car hood.

A car battery with

Locate the car battery. It is the shape of a cube with "+" (red) and "-" (black) signs on its terminals.

Loosen the bolt on the "+" terminal (red) using the adjustable wrench.

Secure the wire so it does not come into contact with the "-" terminal (black). The car is temporarily disabled. The car will not start until the wire is restored onto the "+" terminal.


  • Unhooking the battery will disable any security or alarm system in the car.
  • Do not connect the "-" and "+" terminals together, this can create a huge spark and damage the battery permanently.

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