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How to Make Replacement Car Keys

by Contributor

Replacement car keys are extremely important in case the original keys are misplaced or you lock your keys inside your vehicle. It is recommended to make multiple sets of replacement keys so they are more easily accessible during an emergency or simply for convenience. Many give a replacement key to their spouse, trusted neighbor or friend. It is also a good idea to keep a replacement vehicle key in a safe spot in your home so that you can retrieve it at any time.

Obtain a functioning key to the vehicle for which you want to make a replacement.

Take the key to your local car dealer if you have a "smart key" with a computer chip, opposed to the traditional metal key. The dealership will be able to order a replacement smart key. If you have a traditional metal key, go to your local Home Depot, Lowes or locksmith service.

Pay for the replacement key. Smart keys can cost anywhere from $100 to $300, while traditional metal keys are usually less than $10 to replace.


  • It is essential to keep replacement keys available for your vehicle. Although replacement keys may be expensive, especially for a smart key, the cost of hiring a locksmith to make a key from the ignition would be much more expensive.


  • If you are tempted to replace a smart key with a basic metal key, first check with your local dealership. Although the metal key will likely open the door to the vehicle, most metal keys will not work on the ignition of a car that has a smart key.

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