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How to Replace Keys for a Honda Civic

by James Melzer

Losing your car keys is never fun, especially if you do not have a spare on hand to get into your car. It can be a bit of a hassle to order new keys for your Honda Civic, unless you have your key number plate. Then the process is quick, as Honda makes it easy for you to order new keys for your Civic once you have decided on the kind you want.

Locate your key code found on the key number plate that came with your original set of keys.

Decide on the type of key you want. A master key will lock and unlock the doors and trunk from a distance, while a valet key only works in the ignition and locks.

Call your local Honda dealer and place an order using your key code.


  • The Honda dealer where you purchased your car will have a record of your key code if you cannot find the key number plate.

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