How to Make a Power Pole for a 14Ft Boat

by Cameron Easey

A Power Pole is a type of anchor, manufactured by JL Marine Systems, that is used with a small boat in shallow water. If you have a14-foot boat for fishing, a Power Pole will tether the boat to the bottom of a river or lake bottom. You can mount a Power Pole on the bow or stern of your boat. Typically, this anchor is automatic, but you can build a manual version for use on your boat.


Determine where you want to mount the pole-style anchor on your boat. This can be anywhere you can find a flat spot on your boat along the fore or aft, above the water line. Mark this area with the felt tip marker.


Attach the two galvanized pipe straps to the boat on the mark you made with the felt tip marker. Secure the straps temporarily with duct tape. Make sure that your straps are sitting on top of each other to allow a vertical pole to slide through.


Drill into the boat hull through the mounting bolt holes on the pipe straps using a 3/8-inch drill bit.


Place a rubber washer over the 3/8-by-2-inch bolts. Insert each bolt into the mounting holes for the pipe straps. Tighten, by hand, a lock washer onto each bolt. Add a nut and tighten with the wrench.


Run the 8-foot pole through the loops in the pipe straps when you want to anchor your boat. Press your 8-foot pole down into the muck on the river or lake bottom.

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