How to Make a Kubota RTV900 Go Faster

by Erick Kristian
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The Kubota RTV900 is a utility vehicle. It has a three-cylinder, four-cycle diesel overhead cam engine. It produces 21.6 horse power at 3,200 revolutions per minute (RPM). The top speed is 25 mph, and it has both two- and four-wheel drive. To make the Kubota RTV900 go faster, it must first be in the best operating condition. Perform thorough maintenance on the Kubota RTV900; change the oil and add fresh fuel.

Step 1

Remove any unnecessary heavy parts. The Kubota RTV900 has a roof, front grill, seat and cargo bay that can all be removed. Once these items are removed the Kubota RTV900 goes faster because it is lighter. The skeletal roof structure can easily be removed using a wrench and screwdriver as can most other components. The cargo bay is the heaviest component and also the most difficult to remove, but it can be removed using a wrench and screwdriver.

Step 2

Improve air flow. The engine requires a steady unobstructed flow of air in and out of the engine. Check the air filter to make sure it is not clogged or dirty. If it is, clean it. Replace the air filter with a performance filter, this increases air flow and also power; enabling the Kubota RTV900 to go faster. Replace the exhaust system with a performance exhaust. The stock exhaust is not designed for performance or speed but primarily for sound minimization. Replacing the stock exhaust system with one designed for performance results in a faster Kubota RTV900.

Step 3

Add fuel additives. Fuel additives are mixtures that, when added to the fuel, increase performance, efficiency and have a number of other benefits. There are a number of fuel additives from which to choose. Select one that is designed for small diesel engines. This is an inexpensive way to increase the power of the Kubota RTV900 and make it go faster.

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