How to Make a Custom Mesh Grille

by Jenny Carver
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Many vehicles have grilles that are chrome or an attractive metal, but have black or dark gray plastic bars between the frame of the metal grill. The plastic can be replaced using mesh material. The mesh is placed behind the grille frame and attached so once the frame is installed, the mesh can only be seen behind it. A mesh grille can be made from almost any type of mesh material, as long as the holes in the mesh are large enough for bolts to fit through, but not so large that the mesh slips off of the bolts.

Step 1

Remove the grill from the vehicle. Open the hood and use a ratchet and socket to remove the bolts from the back side of the grille. Lay the grille on a work surface and remove the plastic material between the grille frame. The plastic area on most grilles can easily be unbolted from the metal frame of the grille from the back side.

Step 2

Unroll the mesh material and place it on the back side of the grille frame for measuring. Use wire cutters to cut the mesh material so that it fits and overlaps the area inside the frame. Leave at least 1 inch of extra mesh material around the edges of the frame.

Step 3

Place a washer on each bolt that goes into the frame to make the head of the bolt larger. This prevents the mesh from slipping off of the bolt.

Step 4

Install the bolts and washers through the mesh material and into the frame of the grille. Once the bolts are installed, turn the grille face up and make sure the mesh can only be seen in the appropriate opening through the grille frame. Trim any excess using the wire cutters.

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