How to Make a Backyard Kart Racing Track

by Dylan Kennedy
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Backyard kart, ATV and go-kart enthusiasts are finding it more possible these days to build their own backyard racetracks. If you have some land and some spare cash, all you need is the planning and drive to get the track built. Backyard kart racing is a comparable alternative to other forms of racing and, according to the official Tkart USA racing website, thanks to backyard karting, "racers do not need to waste valuable time and money traveling hundreds of miles to racetracks, sleeping in hotels or campers, paying entry and pit fees, memberships and license fees."

Step 1

Cordon off an area where you'd like to have a track. Measure out the course using pole markers for planning.

Step 2

Draw a basic outline of the shape and length of the course you'd like to create on a blueprint. Plan around this outline to help guide you during the physical aspect of creating the track.

Step 3

Use a bobcat with a shovel tool or a bulldozer to clear the land where the track will be. Run the end of the shovel along the top of the earth where you'll be placing the track. Scrape up and move any grass and the top soil. Most professional karting tracks are dirt because its easier on the vehicles, but you could opt to lay asphalt.

Step 4

Make the course wide enough for two to three karts width-wise and whatever length you'd like. Most professional courses are generally 1,000 to 2,000 feet long but often snake around to conserve space.

Step 5

Lay southern red rock dirt (as used on baseball diamond infields) over the area you've marked for the track. You'll want several layers to mark the track and remain usable over time.

Step 6

Place hay bails around the edges of corners and in areas where wrecks will likely occur. Rake the dirt down regularly to keep it clean and even.

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