How to Make an ATV Faster

by Laura Hageman

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, a motorized off-highway vehicle that is designed to move on four tires which are low-pressured. ATV vehicles differ in size from 50cc to 90cc and hold up to two people. They are made to ride on dirt but can be dangerous since they turn over easily. The driver must be at least 17 years of age.

Step 1

Put in a K&N filter. This type of air filter gives good air flow and is designed to increase acceleration on the ATV. This filter can be bought in any auto parts warehouse.

Step 2

Put on four new tires. The size will depend on the size of the ATV. Tires range from 15.5 x 7-6 to as big as 30 x 12-14.

Step 3

Get a new AA exhaust pipe. This will be about 3 inches in diameter. It is built for racing and will help increase speed.

Step 4

Change the gear ratio by adding or decreasing sprocket size on the ATV. Sprockets can be bought in any bike or motorcycle shop.

Step 5

Purchase a big bore kit. This will include pistons, head and gasket, and cylinders. Change the pistons if needed to improve the speed on the ATV.

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