How to Lubricate Sway Bar Bushings

by Emily Patterson
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Sway bars, or stabilizer bars, are the part of the suspension system in a vehicle that reduce road noise and body roll, stabilize vertical wheel movement and absorb shock from the body of the vehicle. They are located in front of the tie rods, with the brackets attached to the subframe.

Step 1

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Set the emergency brake and place a wheel chock behind each rear wheel.

Step 2

Raise the front of the vehicle with the appropriate jack and position a jack stand under the frame on each side of the front end. For safety, double check the jack stands, the brake and wheel chocks to ensure the vehicle is stable before going under the vehicle.

Step 3

Turn the front wheels all the way to one side to access the sway bar bushings. Use something sharp, such as a nail, to scratch the bracket to identify the position it was in before being removed. It will make them easier to put back in place.

Step 4

Locate and remove the top and bottom sway bar brackets with the appropriate-sized socket and wrench on one side of the vehicle. Remove the bolts and tilt the sway bar toward the back of the car. Lift up on the bracket to move it out of position.

Step 5

Place the sway bar in a vice. Lubricate the sway bar with silicone lubricant and slide the bushings off the sway bar.

Step 6

Lubricate the bushings with an all-purpose silicone lubricant. Place the bushings back on the sway bar until they reach the stop on the sway bar. Turn the bushings so the split edge of the bushings face the front of the vehicle.

Step 7

Place the sway bar back into position on the vehicle. Place the brackets back into position as determined by the marks made on the brackets. Replace the bolts and secure the brackets to the vehicle.

Step 8

Turn the front wheels to the other side and repeat Steps 3 through 7 for the sway bar bushings on the other side of the vehicle.

Step 9

Jack the vehicle off the jack stands, remove the jack stands and lower the front end to the ground. Remove the wheel chocks and disengage the emergency brake.

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