How to Change the Alternator on a 1993 Toyota Corolla

by Gregory Crews
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The alternator on the Toyota Corolla serves three purposes under the hood of the car. It converts electrical energy from the battery to a form of energy that the car can use, recharges the battery and provides a full charge each time you crank up the engine, and swivels on the mounting bracket to ensure the belt stays tight along the pulleys.

Removing the Alternator

Step 1

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. Disconnect the battery terminals from the battery with a crescent wrench. This will isolate the electrical power.

Step 2

Locate the alternator on the front of the motor. The alternator will be on the top right along the belt path.

Step 3

Unscrew the bottom bolt with a socket wrench. Place the bolt to the side.

Step 4

Loosen the top bolt with the socket wrench. This will loosen the belt enough to take it off the pulley attached to the alternator.

Step 5

Take the bolt out of the mounting bracket. This will loosen the alternator.

Step 6

Lift the alternator out from the mounting brackets. Place the pulley on the alternator in a vise.

Loosen the bolt at the top of the pulley with a socket wrench. Remove the alternator and pulley from the vise. Continue loosening the bolt holding the pulley to the alternator.

Installing the Alternator

Step 1

Take the pulley off the alternator. Bolt the pulley to the new alternator. Place in vise to ensure the pulley is tight on the alternator shaft.

Step 2

Place the alternator to the brackets in the engine compartment. Place belt on to the pulley.

Step 3

Start threading the bottom and top bolts. Tighten the bottom bolt with the socket wrench.

Step 4

Place a pry bar between the alternator and the mounting bracket. Pry the alternator toward the driver side of the car to tighten the belt. Tighten the top alternator bolt. When the belt is tight, there should be no slack on the belt.

Start the car to ensure alternator is operating correctly. Watch the belt and ensure there is no sag as it loops around the pulleys. Turn the car off and let it sit for an hour. Start the car again in an hour to ensure the vehicle cranks up.

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