How to Look Up Cars Registered to a Specific Address

by Ken Hamilton
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There may be instances when you would need to find the owner of a car or an address where the vehicle is registered. Such would be the case if you want to check the vehicle's records before buying, if you want to conduct an investigation for accident and insurance claims or verify a ticket you received for a car that is not yours. The list could go on and verifying a car registration could be a tricky task.

What You Need To Know

Step 1

You will rarely come across information querying services for free. Be prepared to part with a few bucks when looking for this information. There are costs associated with creating, housing and maintaining a huge database of information to make it within everyone's reach.

There are certain laws that guarantee protection of an individual's privacy. As such, you have to have good reason for trying to obtain this information.

Step 2

There are a handful of resources you could tap to verify a vehicle registration's address. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) record is your best but difficult bet. Online resources that provide this type of information for a fee are also available. These online portals keep a large cache of information that may be useful for you and these sites work like search engines.

Step 3

Performing verification through DMV records could give you accurate results but it would be the hardest to obtain due to federal regulations like the Drivers Privacy Protection Act. According to NMVTIS, vehicle titling information is available in 49 states but they provide limited information to consumers, especially for personally identifiable information. Access to this information is limited to law enforcement activities only.

Step 4

If you have an address get someone at check it out for you. This website is helpful when you are buying a vehicle and do not have time to travel and check it out personally. The service is available nationwide and starts at $49. You can view videos, pictures and information requested online.

Step 5 is a website that might do the job instantly. You just need to fill in the address including zip codes and choose from a drop-down menu for your reason in obtaining the information. (This is in compliance with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act) It will return a list of names with the vehicle information related to that address. The service can cost as low as $7.47 per record.

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