How Long is a Lien Good on an Auto Title in Michigan?

by Amber Sartain

When you purchase an automobile with cash, you receive a clear title. However, if you obtain a loan from a financial institution to purchase the vehicle, an auto lien will be issued.

What Is a Lien?

An automobile lien is a legally binding contract that states if you do not make payments to your financial institution for your vehicle, it can repossess or take your vehicle from you.

How Long Does a Lien Last?

In Michigan, as well as every state, a lien will remain on the vehicle until the loan is paid in full and the creditor releases the title of the automobile.

Verifying the Lien Holder

If you are unsure of what financial institution holds the lien for your vehicle, you can request the information from the Michigan Department of State, Record Lookup Unit. A $7 fee must be prepaid.

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