How to Get in My Locked Ford Ranger

by Martin Woodfield

Losing your keys or locking them in your car creates the annoying problem of finding other means of getting into the vehicle. The "slim jim" is made specifically for this purpose. Comprised of only a thin metal strip with a notch on one end and a handle on the other, the Slim Jim is a simple, but useful tool that can be helpful in gaining entry into locked vehicles like a Ford Ranger.

Step 1

Apply gentle pressure to the base of the door window to open a gap between the window and door.

Step 2

Place a soft plastic or rubber door stop between the door and window to retain the gap as you release the pressure on the window.

Step 3

Slide your slim jim tool in the gap, open end down.

Step 4

Move the slim jim back and forth slowly until the notch at the end of it makes contact with the door lock cable. There are a likely numerous wires throughout the door cavity, so be careful not to catch any with your tool. The door lock cable will feel solid and heavy, not light like the electronic wires. When you feel the tool grasp the cable, lift carefully until you hear or see the door locks disengage. Carefully pull the slim jim out, remove the door stop and open the Ranger's door.

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