How to Locate a Vehicle With OnStar

by Malissa O'Brian
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OnStar is a service for General Motors cars that provides hands free calling, navigation service, emergency assistance, and live help both in and out of your vehicle. According to OnStar, membership with the service authorizes GPS technology to pinpoint the location of stolen vehicles and then work directly with police to facilitate recovery. The company then utilizes exclusive technologies like Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® and new Remote Ignition Block to aid in the search.

Step 1

Sign up for OnStar Service. While many GM automobiles are sold with the OnStar button installed, it is the responsibility of the owner to subscribe to the service. OnStar offers a choice of plans through their website, and memberships are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Step 2

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Call local law enforcement. If your vehicle is stolen, the first step you should take is to contact your local police department. Once notified, the department will work with you and OnStar to locate your missing vehicle.

Step 3

Contact OnStar. Once you have connected with the proper authorities, call OnStar at 1.888.4.ONSTAR. Once the automobile is reported missing, OnStar operators will offer stolen vehicle assistance. With advanced GPS technology, the current location of the vehicle can be pinpointed from OnStar's system. This information will be directly related to the authorities.

Step 4

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Request ignition block. If the service is available and installed on your particular automobile, you can request OnStar to initiate ignition block -- which will make it impossible to restart the stolen vehicle once it is turned off.

Step 5

Ask authorities to request stolen vehicle slowdown from OnStar. If the road conditions are safe and the vehicle is moving, law enforcement can request that OnStar slow down the stolen car until it comes to a complete stop.

Step 6

Locate the vehicle. Once the vehicle has come to a rest, or authorities have uncovered the location of the automobile through the GPS system, they can begin to track down the stolen car. The OnStar representative will have a specific location or address to offer the local authorities in order to recover the vehicle.

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