How to Locate a Chevron by Number

by Tamara Warta
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Chevron does not allow for a store number search on its website, which makes it very difficult to locate a Chevron by number. However, there are ways to discover the number of a specific Chevron store or gas station near you, and the process is straightforward. Locating a Chevron only takes reliable Internet access and some basic information.

How to Locate a Chevron By Number

Step 1

Go to Chevron's official homepage. Here, you will find a list of tabs across the top of the homepage. Click on "Stations."

Step 2

Under the list of options that appears, select "Station Finder." This will allow you to locate a Chevron station a few different ways. You may enter your full home address, your city or state, or a zip code. To locate a Chevron by number, enter the 5 digits of the zip code you are in. Click "Find Dealers."

Step 3

View the map that comes up with your list of nearby Chevrons. Click on one of the mapped Chevron icons to reveal the station number, or scroll further down the page for a printable list of station numbers. This will include not only the store number, but also the street address and phone number.

Step 4

Use your GPS or smart phone to locate a nearby Chevron's store number by using a gas finding app such as Gas Finder for iPhone. Most GPSs will also have a "Points of Interest" section, with an option for "Fuel." Type in Chevron, and the closest location, along with the store number, will come up on the screen.

Step 5

Jot down the store number for future reference. This can be useful if a receipt needs to be reprinted, if a wallet or other valuable is lost, etc. Knowing the store number can narrow down your choices when you need to retrace your steps at a Chevron station that you may have visited while on a road trip or vacation.

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