How to Find My License Plate Number If My Car Was Stolen

by Peter DreaUpdated June 22, 2023
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Search Your Registration Documents

Start your license plate number search with the documents you already possess. This option is inexpensive and saves you time if your car’s records are well kept. To get your license plate number:

  • Search for your insurance documents. If you find the proof of insurance card for your stolen vehicle, you can locate the license plate number in the ‌vehicle’s registration‌ section.
  • Look for your car’s registration documents, and get ‌the title‌ or the registration card issued by your state’s motor vehicle agency or registry. Peruse horizontally through the first line, and you’ll locate the license plate number on the right side.


The structure and layout of registration cards and titles may vary from state to state. For registrations cards, most states have the information located immediately after the section that shows the date from which your registration is valid. For titles, the license plate number is generally located in the upper section of the page.

Check with Your State’s Registry

If you can’t trace your registration documents, or if your lien holders have the title, inquire about the license plate number for you stolen car from your state’s motor vehicles agency. Here, you have two options.

The Agency’s Website

For some states, the agency's website can be helpful in searching your license plate number. If your state's motor vehicles agency provides the service online, you need to:

1. Search the Website

Type the website address of the agency and press enter.

2. Select a Category

From the options menu, select “‌Driving History”‌ or “‌Vehicle Tag Registration‌.” Entry boxes will appear.

3. Type Your details

Enter your details such as name and driver’s license number into the look-up system.

4. View Results

Wait for your data to load, and download it.

Visit Agency Offices

If you appear in person, a representative will request you to:

1. Provide Identifying Information

Give your insurance information, your driver’s license and documents to prove your address.

2. Complete Requisition Forms

Fill in and sign some forms requesting that you supply your license plate number information.

3. Check Out

Pay the fee for the printout; the fee will vary depending on your state.

4. Get the Report

The clerk can allow you to wait for the printout, or it can be mailed to you.

Use Third-Party Service Options

You can use websites owned by third-party companies to conduct a license plate number search. They offer the service at a fee averaging about $29, at the time of publication, but the cost depends on the report access option you choose. You can select single-report access, such as for one week, or one-month unlimited access. Depending on your preferred website, the look-up systems prompt you for different identifying information. For example:

  • To access information at, you’ll need to search using your name. Once you've found the report, check the ‌Vehicle Owner History‌ section to locate your vehicle’s plate number.
  • To access information from or, search using your names or the VIN -- if you had it recorded somewhere safe. Select “‌Plate Record‌” to locate your license plate number.


  • The look-up system will require you to pay for the services by providing your ‌credit or debit card information‌. Confirm the pricing before you check out to avoid deductions that exceed your budget.

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