How to Lift a Honda Pilot

by Deborah McDonald

Starting production in 2002, the Honda Pilot is a mid-sized crossover SUV, and as with all vehicles, it will require maintenance from time to time. The first step in many do-it-yourself repair projects is lifting your Honda Pilot and holding it there safely. Failing to lift your Pilot properly can cause it to fall, which will damage your vehicle, and possibly injure or kill anyone working underneath. Fortunately for the do-it-yourself mechanic, lifting your Pilot safely is not that difficult.

Park your Honda Pilot on a hard, level surface to help it avoid shifting or sinking.

Shift your Pilot into Park, then engage the parking brake.

Put wheel chocks under the wheels on the side of your car that you are not lifting. So, if you are lifting the front of the car, place the chocks behind the back wheels. If you're lifting the back of the car, place the chocks behind the front wheels.

Slide your jack underneath your Pilot, then jack it up. If you are jacking up the front of the Pilot, you want to lift it by the suspension cross-member. You can reach it from nearly any angle, but the easiest is to slide your jack underneath your car between the front tire and the bumper. If you are jacking up the back of your Pilot, you will want to use the differential, which is between the back tire and the back bumper.

Place jack stands on each side of your Pilot, preferably under the frame rail. You can find the frame rail where the rocker panels meet the frame.

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