How to Let a Top Down on a Convertible Mustang

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
Hemera Technologies/ Images

Ford Mustangs are available in coupe or convertible configuration. The convertible model has a powered top, which allows you to lower or raise the top with the touch of a button. It's not necessary to get out of your driver's seat--the top is operated from inside the cabin. Letting the top down is the same on all fifth-generation Ford Mustangs (2005 to 2010). If you have an older Ford Mustang, the procedure is similar; see the Tips section.

Step 1

Move the gearshift selector to "Park." Make sure the engine is running. If it's not, crank it.

Step 2

Push the convertible latches down, and then rotate the latches outward. These latches are located on the windshield header, near the visors.

Step 3

Lower the side windows and rear-quarter windows, using your driver-master switch.

Locate the convertible-top switch on the overhead console, above the rear-view mirror. The switch has "Up" and "Down" arrows. Press and hold the "Down" arrow to lower the top. Release the button when the top is completely stored.

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