How to Locate the IAT Sensor on a Dodge Ram

by Kyle Sanstrom

The intake air temperature (IAT) sensor on a Dodge Ram is used by the engine computer to measure the ambient temperature of the intake air. The computer uses this measurement to calculate the correct amount of ignition timing. When this sensor fails, it provides the computer with inaccurate temperature information, causing a number of symptoms such as lack of power, engine sputtering and rough idle. This sensor is located inside the number two intake runner.


Shut down the engine and apply the parking brake.


Open the hood in a well-lit area.


Follow the air-intake tube from the air filter until it meets the intake manifold.


Look on top left side of the intake manifold. The second intake runner begins 3 inches from the front left side of the intake manifold. The IAT sensor is located inside the number two intake runner and is a two-wire sensor.


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