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Is It Legal to Drive With the Left Foot?

by Robyn Green

In the United States, it is not illegal to drive with your left foot. However, there are some things to know about it to ensure you comply with driving laws across all states.

Perfectly Legal

No states directly assert that a person cannot drive with his left foot. A directive that requires only right-foot driving would prevent many amputees from driving at all.

Be Aware

Some states prohibit driving with a cast or boot on either foot. All states prohibit driving if you cannot do so safely. Laws may vary from state to state, and there is no one place that you can check them all, so check the Department of Motor Vehicles for a state in which you'll be driving.


Driving with the left foot may take practice.

Cars are designed to be driven with the right foot, and it may take practice to learn to drive with the left foot. Some states may require an additional road test to assess a driver's ability if the health of the driver is in question.

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