L76 Engine Specs

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The L76 is a powerful automobile engine, released onto the market in 2006. Installed into all Holden V8 cylinder vehicles, the L76 is a member of General Motors' fourth generation small-block V8 cylinder family, and manufactured by Australian subsidiary of General Motors (GM), Holden. The first application of the L26 engine in any market was its installment with the Holden V8 range.

General Engine Specs

The L76 is GEN 4 80ยบ V 8 cylinder, 5.967 liter engine, with a displacement of 364.1 cubic inches. The engine is front, longitudinally mounted, and has a cast aluminum block and head. It possesses a bore-by-stroke of 4 inches (101.6 mm) x 3.6 inches (92 mm), and a compression ratio of 10.4 to 1. The valvetrain in the L76 has two valves per cylinder (for a total of 16 valves), and it is an overhead valve (OHV) engine. The L76 is a fuel-injected engine, and is naturally aspirated.


The L46 engine is able to produce a power output of 354 brake horsepower (bhp) or 264 KW at 5,600 RPM. In addition, it is able to generate a maximum torque of 510 Newton meteres (Nm), or 376 ft-lbs., at 4,400 RPM.

Models Available In

The L76 engine was installed within a wide variety of General Motor automobiles. These include, the SV8, SS, Berlina Sedans, Statesman, Calais, and Caprice prestige vehicles. In addition, it includes the Berlina wagon, Crewmann SS, Ute SS, and Crewman Cross 8. The L76 engine released in 2006 provided these vehicles with more brute force, relative to the variations released previously in 2005. The Commodore SS sedan and SS Ute are installed with both front and rear performance brake standard. In contrast, the SS Crewman adopted only performance front brakes.


The L76 engine released by General Motors subsidiary Holden was produced in South Australia, at the facility in Elizabeth. 35 million dollars were invested in the plant to increase production, ready for the L76's debut.

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