How to Jack Up a Mustang

by Dan Ketchum

Most people only have need to jack up their car when changing a tire, but some sports car enthusiasts and gearheads -- including Ford Mustang owners -- may need to jack up their rides to inspect brakes or perform other maintenance. Jacking up a Mustang requires the same basic process as jacking up any other sort of automobile, no matter what model of the historic American muscle car you're dealing with. However, each Mustang has varying jack points.

Park your Mustang on completely level ground. If the situation doesn't allow for this, park close to the curb and turn your Mustang's wheels inward toward the curb.

Turn the engine off.

Put the Mustang in "Park" if it has an automatic transmission or "First" if it has a manual transmission.

Engage the manual parking brake.

Consult your Mustang's owners manual to find out the proper jack point. Each model Mustang has a different jack point, or the point of contact the jack makes with the car's underside. Jacking the car up from the improper point can cause damage.

Place your jack under the car, lining up the jack's top bracket with your Mustang's jack point.

Lift the jack. For scissor jacks, insert the wrench and crank it in a clockwise direction. For hydraulic jacks, insert the handle and pump in a smooth up-and-down motion.

Place the jack stands under the Mustang, near the jack point where the jack is making contact with the car's underside. Never use less than two jack stands.

Raise the jack stands and lock them in place.

Gently push the hood or trunk of the Mustang, depending on which area of the car you have jacked up, to ensure that it rests securely on the jack stands.

Place two wheel chocks behind the rear wheels if the Mustang is jacked up in the front or in front of the two front wheels if it is jacked up in the rear.


  • check If you don't have a Mustang owner's manual, consult your Ford dealership to find out the proper jack point.
  • check On some car models, two notches on the underside indicate jack points.
  • check If your Mustang has been lowered, drive the front tires over 2-inch wood planks to allow room for the jack.


  • close Never lift a Mustang from its suspension arm brackets, rear stabilizers, differential housing, front or rear bumper or convertible cross brace.
  • close Never substitute boxes, bricks or any other elements for jack stands.

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