How to Jack Up a Fifth Wheel Trailer

by Jenny Carver

Whether making an emergency stop or just parking for the night, many occasions call for a fifth wheel trailer to be jacked up. Not knowing how to properly jack up the trailer can result in an accident or injury. Learn how to jack up a fifth wheel trailer so that you can safely park the trailer anywhere.

Make sure to have the correct equipment for the trailer you are jacking up. Jacks and jack stands all have load limits and are not safe to be used beyond those limits.

Park the trailer on solid, level ground if possible. This is the safest way to jack up a fifth wheel trailer.

Arrange the jack stands near the trailer next to where they will be placed under the trailer. Have them ready to move quickly.

Set the jack in the proper location under the trailer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Jacks put lots of pressure on the trailer and should be placed in certain areas.

Begin jacking up the trailer slowly. Once it is at the correct height, move the jack stand under the trailer in the correct positions.

Slowly lower the jack to allow the trailer weight to rest on the jack stands. Check each stand carefully for proper seating on the top of the stand.

Place the jack near the trailer in case of an emergency.


  • check Placing the jack or jack stands in the wrong area under the trailer can cause damage.

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