Instructions for Using an Endurance Portable Battery for Starting Cars

by Chris Stevenson
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The Endurance portable battery jumper box can prevent you from being stranded with a dead battery in your vehicle. It can deliver a full jump charge with the required amount of starting amps.

Step 1

Determine the amount of charge your Endurance jumper has before you attempt a jump. Press the test button on the panel and read the charge condition. A green indicator will show a full charge and ready to jump. A yellow indicator will show a partial charge, and the jumper box should be charged for at least 20 minutes, connecting the power cord to an AC home outlet. Read your instruction manual.

Step 2

Raise the hood of the vehicle. Turn the ignition key to "off." Disconnect the negative and positive battery cables on the dead battery with a socket and wrench. Clean the battery terminals with a battery post tool, using the female wire receptacle to clean the battery terminal ends, and the male wire brush to clean the inside of the cable connectors. Place both cables back on the dead battery and tighten them with a socket and wrench.

Step 3

Remove the portable jumper cable clamps from their holsters. Clip the positive (red) cable onto the positive (red) battery terminal of the dead battery. Find a bare metal ground source on the engine, like a bracket, exhaust manifold or intake manifold. Scrub the area with the male wire brush on the battery terminal cleaner tool. Connect the negative (black) cable from the portable jumper to the ground source.

Step 4

Select the "jump" switch on the portable jumper. Turn the ignition to the "start" position to start the vehicle. If the vehicle does not start within six to eight seconds, shut the ignition key off and let the battery jumper cool for three minutes. Turn the ignition key to the "start" position again. As soon as the vehicle starts, remove the negative cable clamp from ground and place it in its holster.

Step 5

Disconnect the positive cable from the dead battery's positive terminal and place the clamp in its holster. Do not let either the black or negative cables touch while disconnecting them. Push your test button and read the charge left in the portable jumper. After jumping one vehicle, hook the portable jumper up to an AC home outlet and let it charge for 20 minutes. After jumping more than three vehicles let it charge for five hours. For a complete discharge let it charge for no more than 24 hours.

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