How to Charge a Chevy Equinox Battery

by Arthur Barnhouse
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Car batteries may die for any number of reasons; perhaps you accidentally left your lights burning, forgot to turn the switch off completely or have a malfunctioning alternator. Whatever the cause, if you own a battery charger, you can rejuvenate your drained battery. However, if you find that the battery on your Chevy Equinox is continually dying, you should take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic for a checkup. The alternator may need repair or a parasitic drain may exist.

Step 1

Turn the ignition off completely, as well as all accessories. Open the hood on your SUV. You will not have to access the battery itself in order to charge it, because your Equinox is equipped with remote terminals.

Step 2

Look for the plastic cover with the large, red plus "+" sign if you own a newer Equinox. This is the remote positive terminal. You will need to remove the plastic cover to access it. Unhook the cover from the tabs holding it in place. If you own an older Equinox, the remote terminal is located beneath the fuse box, which is found at the front, right side of the vehicle. Unhook the fuse box and place it to the side. Do not unhook any of the wires leading to the fuse box. You should see the positive terminal beneath.

Step 3

Check the settings on your charger. Some chargers can be set at different voltages and amperage. If you own such a charger, set it at 12 volts. If you can adjust the amps, the higher you set the amperage, the more quickly the battery will charge. You should, however, use a lower setting to slowly rejuvenate the battery, as this provides a more complete charge.

Step 4

Connect the positive clip of your battery charger to the remote positive terminal on your Equinox. Connect the negative clip of the battery charger to the remote negative terminal, which is a bare piece of metal near the oil dipstick. You can also hook the negative clip to any unpainted metal, such as a bolt or bracket, in the vicinity.

Step 5

Plug your charger into an electrical outlet.

Step 6

Turn your battery charger on and wait. Again, exact charging times will vary depending on your charger and how severely drained your battery is. Check the battery frequently. Most battery chargers will have a gauge that tells you when the charge is complete. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger, turn it off and unhook the clips.

Step 7

Replace the plastic covers or fuse box, close your hood and start your Chevy Equinox.

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