How to Install Z/28 Brake Cooling Ducts on a Fifth-Generation Camaro

by Andrew Chen; Updated January 29, 2015

Installing Z/28 brake cooling ducts is a relatively low-cost way to improve braking performance for fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaros. Chevrolet Performance offers this complete bolt-on system for the 2014 or 2015 Camaro SS and any fifth-generation Camaro that has been converted to the 2014 front fascia.

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Remove the Front Fascia and Radiator Air Inlet Duct

This installation is much easier with a hydraulic lift.

Elevate the Camaro with jack stands or a hydraulic lift.

Each liner is held in place with 12 screws and 5 push-in retainers.

Remove the front wheels and unfasten the front wheelhouse liners.

Store the liner in a safe place along with its corresponding screws and retainers.

Slide the wheelhouse liner out of the wheel well.

Unfastening the front bumper only takes a few minutes.

Unfasten the front bumper assembly by removing six upper support push-in retainers, two support bracket screws, six outer bracket nuts, two fascia bolts, two lower bolts, two lower screws and six lower retainers.

The bumper comes off as one unit while the headlights stay with the car.

Disconnect the single main electrical connector in the front fascia and pull the bumper away from the Camaro with the help of another person.

The radiator air inlet duct sits below the front crash structure.

Remove the radiator air side baffles and deflector, along with the ambient air temperature sensor.

This clip holds the ambient air temperature sensor in place.

Disconnect the single electrical connector from the top of the ambient air temperature sensor and unclip the sensor from the right hand side air baffle.

The four retainers will be reused.

Remove the radiator air inlet duct by releasing four retainers.

Trim the Radiator Air Inlet Duct

Measure twice, cut once.

Move the radiator air inlet duct to a clean and clear work space. Measure 9 inches from the end of the inlet duct.

Use a straight edge as a guide.

Mark a vertical line across the surface of the duct using a marker or paint pen. This vertical line will also extend down the lip of the duct to the corner of the lip.

The complete line should run from the corner of the front base all the way to the mid-point of the rear edge, vertically.

Continue drawing the line straight back from the trim line to the mid-point of the rear edge.

The ends of the remaining section will be visible through the front grill when reinstalled so work with care.

Trim the section of the air inlet duct with a pair of sharp sheers. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for the other side of the inlet duct.

Install Z/28 Brake Cooling Ducts onto the Front Bumper

The brake duct brackets bolt directly to the front fascia lower grill tabs.

Begin by install the U/Spring nut onto the grill tabs.

Perfect fit.

Mount the brake duct bracket in place.

Make sure the bracket is bolted firmly to the grill.

With the bracket bolted to the lower grill, use the brake duct cooling bracket as a template to mark the location of the two lower bolt holes.

Hold the bracket firmly while drilling.

Using a 6mm (1/4-inch) bit, drill two holes (one per side, 4 total) through the front fascia and then install the two bolts through the provided U/Spring nuts to complete the bracket installation.

Fitment is guaranteed.

Slide the brake cooling duct into place and mount using the supplied pushpins. Repeat on the other side.

Reinstall the Radiator Air Inlet Duct and Front Fascia

Tighten each bolt as required by the factory service manual.

First, reinstall the modified radiator air inlet duct, the air inlet retainer, the side baffles, the ambient air temperature sensor, and finally, the front fascia. The fascia slides back in place, even with the new brake duct brackets installed, and the factory fasteners can be used to secure everything.

The one-piece design prevents collapse or flex under heavy stress situations.

Check the fitment and routing of the brake cooling ducts.

The Z/28 brake ducts will mate to the factory brake duct opening in the liners.

Reinstall the front wheelhouse liners.

Cooling duct mounting is complete.

Install a pair of wheelhouse liner plates with the supplied screws from the kit. After the plates are in place, take a moment to double check that everything is tight and fits exactly where it should.

Ready for the race track.

Reinstall the front wheels and lower the Camaro back onto the ground. This completes the Z/28 front brake cooling duct installation.

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