How to Install Weatherstripping in a 1957 Chevy

by Katebo

You can install weatherstripping on your '57 Chevy right from your home garage. You need a few inexpensive supplies that can be purchased from any auto parts store. Replacing the weatherstripping on a Chevy improves the seal between the door and the frame of the car. Weatherstripping prevents air and moisture from entering the car. Over time weatherstripping will crack and lose its ability to seal the door properly.

Locate the clips holding the weatherstripping to the Chevy. Remove the clips with needle-nose pliers and put them in your pocket for later reinstallation.

Slide the weatherstripping off the door frame channel using your hands.

Apply degrease agent to a towel and wipe it on the door frame along the weatherstripping channel. This will remove all grease and dirt.

Slide the new weatherstripping onto the weatherstrip channel.

Reattach the clips to the weatherstripping and door frame by pushing them over the stripping and snapping them onto the Chevy's door frame.

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