How to Install a Turbo in a Car

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You have decided you want to add some horsepower to your car by installing a turbocharger. While, true a turbo kit can add a lot of horsepower to your car, keep in mind there are several things that go into installing a turbocharger like the size of the turbo, how much boost your engine can handle, how much torque can your axles handle, will you need to modify your fuel intake system etc. The following is a guide on how to install a turbo in a car that has been properly prepared for a turbocharger.

Step 1

Be sure the Jack and the Jack stands are rated to support the weight of your vehicle

First raise the front end of the car with a hydraulic jack or a scissor jack and place the two jack stands under the car. Raise the stands as high as possible and lock them in place while under the car and then slowly lower the car on top of the jack stands

Step 2

Let the oil drain into the oil pan

Now that the car is on the jack stands place the oil pan under the engine and drain the engine's motor oil. Once the oil has finished draining replace the oil drain plug.

Step 3


After you have replaced the oil drain plug remove the front bumper of the car and then install the changer air cooler or the intercooler.

Step 4

Turbo header with turbocharger attached

Next make room for the turbocharger by removing the exhaust header. The turbocharger manifold will replace the stock exhaust header and connect to the car's exhaust system. Attach the turbocharger to the turbo header before you install the turbo header. Once the turbo charger is attached to the header connect the turbo header to the engine's exhaust system.

Step 5

Oil return line

After the turbo header is in place create a tap in the car's oil filter line and connect the tap to the turbocharger's oil feed line and connect the turbocharger's oil return line to the engine oil pan. If your car does not have an oil tap in the engine oil pan you may need one fabricated.

Step 6

Completed turbocharger setup

Once you finish with the oil lines connect the rubber hoses and metal pipes to the turbocharger's compressed air outlet and connect that set of pipes and hoses to one side of the intercooler

Step 7

Make sure your turbo hat fits your carburetor correctly

Locate the engine's air intake and remove any filters and tubes attached to it. If your car has a carburetor you will need a turbo hat

Step 8

Take the other side of the intercooler and attach the remaining hoses and pipes and connect those set of pipes and connect them to the engine's air intake system.

Step 9

Double check everthing

After you have connected the turbocharger's compressed air outlet to the engine's air intake double check all the bolts and oil taps and make sure they are secure.

Fill the car up with new oil and take the car off of the jack stands. Your car is now ready to go.

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