How to Install a Third Row Seat in a Highlander

by Ashley Hay

The Highlander is an SUV that Toyota introduced in 2001 and is still manufacturing as of March 2011. The Highlander offers third row seating so the vehicle can accommodate seven passengers. The third row seat is removable to allow extra storage space in the trunk. If you have removed your third row seat and are not sure how to reinstall it, you can accomplish it in a few minutes with little effort.


Open your Highlander's trunk hatch door.


Locate the four bolt holes that form a rectangle in the floor of your Highlander.


Lift the seat into the Highlander from the rear of the SUV. Make sure the seat is facing forward.


Line the legs of the seat up to match the holes in the floor. The legs of the seat have holes on the bottom to insert the bolts into.


Insert one bolt into each of the four bolt holes.


Tighten the bolts as tight as possible, using a wrench.


Snap the trim covers back into place over the bolt holes. The trim covers protect you from hitting your feet on the bolts and also hide the bolts for aesthetic purposes.

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