How to Install Radiator Support Bushings in a 1969 Camaro

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General Motors' answer to Ford Motor Company's Mustang is a collector car worthy of the status bestowed upon it as king. The pony car which once sold new for less than five thousand dollars is now breaking the bank at collector car auctions for nearly one million dollars. It is no wonder that the aftermarket is thriving for every nut, bolt and bushing on this hot little number. But what do you do with the parts once you get them?

Disconnect the steering column coupler. Park the car on a flat, level surface, open the hood and apply the parking brake. Remove the retaining bolt from the steering column coupler with a wrench. This can be accessed through the engine bay with the hood opened. Remove the battery by loosening the cable-end bolts with a wrench and lifting the battery out of the car. Set it aside and remove the bolts that secure the battery tray to the radiator mount with a wrench. Set the tray aside.

Raise the rear of the car. Place a jack under the rear suspension and raise the car high enough to allow two jack stands to be placed under each side frame rail. These can also be placed under the rear end housing.

Raise the front of the car. Place a jack under the front suspension and raise the car high enough to place two jack stands under the rocker panels and to hold it level with the rear of the car. Leave the jack under the front suspension.

Remove the radiator support bushing bolts. Loosen these with a wrench. Remove the bumper bracket support bolts with a wrench.

Loosen the remaining front four sub-frame bolts with a wrench. But do not remove them. Lower the jack until the front of the sub-frame drops from the radiator support and the bushings are exposed. Remove the bushings and all of the washers that are in the mount with your hands.

Replace the bushings. Insert the new bushings into the mount and raise the sub-frame back into position with the jack. Insert the new bolts and tighten them with a wrench. Lower the vehicle off of the jack stands and reassemble in the reverse order. Tighten all sub-frame bolts with the vehicle sitting on the ground.


  • check A little grease on the rubber bushings will allow them to slide into the mount easier.


  • close Never work on or under a raised vehicle with out supports. Injury or death could occur.

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