How to Install Visor Monitors in Your Car

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Car video screens aren't just for ceilings and seat backs-you can install monitors in the sun visor of the passenger seat. These monitors are easy to connect to an A/V selector box. Here's how to install them.

Open the hood and remove the battery cables from the car battery using a wrench or socket. Check the vehicle's repair manual for the right tool size.

Remove the original visors from your car by unscrewing the screws in the mounting bracket, using the proper screwdriver. Store these visors so you can replace them if you sell the car later on.

Get the visor monitors. These should have come preinstalled in the visor housing. Align the visor housing's mounting bracket to the proper spot and tighten the mounting screws.

Route an A/V power cable to each of the visor monitors. You can connect the monitors separately or use a two-into-one A/V connector to connect both monitors to the same jack on the A/V selector box. Connect an A/V power cable to the A/V cable on each of the visor mirrors. Use cable ties to keep your A/V cables from hanging.

Reconnect the battery and turn on the car. Switch the A/V selector box to the visor monitors. The monitors will turn on if you installed them properly.


  • check You must have a video system setup installed in your vehicle for the visor monitors to work properly.
  • check You may need to remove panels on your vehicle to route the A/V cables to the monitors. Check the vehicle's repair manual for proper removal instructions.


  • close Do not install the monitors without removing the battery cables from the car battery first, or risk a severe electric shock.
  • close Do not operate the sunvisor monitors while driving the car. This is illegal and dangerous.

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